Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zut Alors!

It's fall. Autumn! Torrential rain arrived in the pnw and guess who has a new roof? I am a lucky duck.

Quelle joie!

If only I can re-train this brain to stop panicking at every grey cloud, all will be tripendicular. Big shout out and props to you dear reader Red Tara for the emergency tarp that made it stop raining in my bedroom (on my tiny bed!!!!! The horror!) last winter!

I was reminded of the fact that it was ALMOST THANKSGIVING by the recipes in Sweet Paul's Magazine.  Issue #2 was just voted best online mag by DMA (which is a digital media thingy I guess). I think it is my favorite magazine, digital or otherwise, for the Autumn 2010 season.

I've made the pate and soup and will be working my way through the lemon&coconut cake, orange cake, sweet potato and spice cake, and cupcake recipes for the next few months. Have I mentioned that I LOVE cake?

Bless his sweet heart. Paul delivers real treasure on a regular schedule.

I am also loving in no particular order:


 My mother's healthy new knee



So strange. I have developed a thing for Michael Nyqvist.

However, in this nostalgic fairytale my heart belongs to Goran played by Gustaf Hammarsten.

Insta-Dress Tutorials!

and always and forever

my tiny bed

night night