Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Answer to inquiry

What I meant Grasshopper is that small, synchronous events can shift one's perspective dramatically. Things coalesce and BOOM. Something moves.

Why do Hawaiian's dig Spam? Is that really Spam sushi? I am confused. Explain please.

Today's small miracle is that in the vast land of the innertubes I had never visited Stuff White People Like. My favorite post so far is #117 Political Prisoners. I will be reading through the night.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ode to Dietgirl

I have a weird relationship with Mondays. Monday is a day I usually have to myself. No set work schedule. No expectations. Just heaps of laundry and puritanical guilt about everyone on the planet streaming off to work or school while I loll around unwashed with an unformed day on my hands. Often, after hours of aimless reading, I feel like I have wasted a day. Monday is the day I feel time slipping through my hands.

As a child I abhorred every Sunday. I resisted sleep each Saturday night knowing that Sunday and it's bleak perspective stood just on the other side of my dreams. I don't really understand why that was the case-except, of course, that I was a greedy child.

I had all the elements necessary for happiness at home: my Mother, little brothers to torment and amuse, animals, room to be outside collecting bumble bees, frogs spawn, and the occasional orphaned raccoon. Sunday was the last of my two days of blissful freedom. Next came school. I was ungrateful enough to judge Sunday harshly for its proximity to school days.

As an adult I am able to appreciate Sundays -especially since the school bus no longer creeps up on its heels. Now I struggle with Mondays. Often, I stay in bed for hours reading nonsense. Roll over and nap. Read some more...in an endless spiral of "look how you are wasting the day! Waste the day!" On and On. Gives me a stomach ache. Makes me sad and tired and dehydrated. That is, until this fantastic Monday. I rolled out of bed feeling almost as good as I felt last Tuesday when I woke up with the feeling I have on Christmas morning.

"How strange, " I mused. No inaugural festivities today. No Voodoo Doughnuts. Nada. I made a cup of coffee and turned on the television (just like a good american).

I've been on a pretty strict news fast. A survival strategy. So, morning shows are out. Not a great hardship. They are beyond stupid. Do not get me started on the View or Matt Lauer for that matter. I do often miss CSPAN (I love you CSPAN- thank you for letting me watch the British Government at work and our own at play).

If I wake up early and switch on the set I usually get Sesame Street ( I love Grover deeply) or if I am very fortunate it's Mr. Rogers. If you want to see the face of God or Goodness or Grace please jump to youtube and watch Mr. Rogers give testimony before the Senate in defense of PBS and Children's broadcasting. He made my days special days by just him being him.

For some reason, this morning the set booted to CBS (Letterman. Not Leno. Never Leno.) just in time to hear the news waitress tell me, "For Australian born Shauna Reid...".

Hawt Damn and Supa Cool!

I knew Shauna had been scheduled for American Morning TV for more than a week. Poor Soul. She deserves so much better. Something like CSPAN! She had been bumped for the MIRACLE on the HUDSON and a miracle it was. Amen and Awomen and Athat. She had been trying to keep her blog readers up to date on the many rescheduled air times. I'd given up hope of catching her appearance what with the news fast, my intensive sleep training, and unpredictable broadcast schedules.

Monkey! I am here to tell you Shauna Reid is responsible for redefining my Mondays.

I am stubborn, clinging to things long past their expiration date. Yes, even when those things stink. Hug 'em up tight. Can't seem to let go. But what if Mondays are not days made for self-flaggelation and guilt? What if they are all about little gifts and miracles and good stuff - like most of my days? Revolutionary! No shizz.....

Any how, my loyal reader Red Tara, you are now bored. Yet I must continue this story. It is one of self-discovery and joyful coincidence.

You see I have read Shauna's blog What's New Pussycat? for many moons. Shauna is the blogger who led me to Mig (see previous lovefest below) as she was a participant in his site Lost in Transit (now, alas, defunct), which was a collection of work from bloggers living as expats all around the world.

You often ask me how I find blogs. It's like that. Isn't that interesting? Kind of like a Vulcan Mind-Meld no?

Shauna is a fine writer. And, as you can see from my inability to properly use words and punctuation, I know fine writing. She is funny and honest and charming. Her blog introduced me to many of my favorites in addition to Metamorphosism. Blogs like the beloved I, Asshole (Shauna used to host SJ I believe).

Wow, this entry could be called lost in tangent.

Anyway, after many happy years reading WNP, one day Shauna surprised me by "coming out". No, not out of that particular closet you monkey. Shauna came out about another website The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl and a different, previously unknown by me, part of her story as someone who had lost more than half of herself.

Well, blow me down! It was breathtaking. The plucky Aussie who moved to Scotland, had travel adventures with her sister Rhi and/or Dr. G to places like Tongue and Reykjavik, and writes hysterically funny tales about her beloved mum who lives on WNP as the Mothership had a secret life. Well, secret to the innertubes. I could not believe it! It was breathtaking. I said that before didn't I?

Her frankness about her fears and concerns was so touching. I could totally "get" that she had some reluctance to merge the two worlds. But what a delight Dietgirl was to discover. And today she was a Goddess on american TV staring right back at the news waitress and saying that she weighed 175 down from 351. I was cheering and wohooing so loudly my dogs fled the room. Shauna's message, well really her example, is about not waiting for perfection before you let yourself live. Have fun now ppls.

Now, my dear one does that not sound like beautiful and appropriate advice for one who allows her quest for the perfect bead to hold her still?

Shauna is a whip-smart, funny, beautiful woman, a wonderful writer, a great inspiration and, along with Mimi Smartypants, one of my most beloved of bloggesses. (as an aside, I sometimes fear for ms. smartypants. Lately she seems to have a new edginess. I will write more about her later 'though it would creep her out to know a freak like me was paying attention.)

So class of one, today I discovered that Mondays are indeed miraculous and full of potential. Like a boulder or a basking Hippopotamus, I am not easily moved. I think it's because I am so slow and heavy. But once I am, all and sundry discover and will declare that I am easy. Takes so little.

Just to make it official (like the swearing in do-over- who fecks up like that Justice Roberts? I mean aren't lawyers' minds like steel traps for words and oaths and CONSTITUTIONS? Shrub appointed you Chief Justice-Ah yes, it is all becoming clear...), Shauna Reid is miraculous. And, you should check her out online and by purchasing The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl.

Because, whilst virtue is its own reward, financial support is so helpful and encouraging. Thank you Shauna.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

You would if you loved me

So, a long time blog crush for me has been Metamorphosism. This year Mig hosts the 8th metamorphosism.com International Valentine's Day Limerick Contest. This contest is a spectacular celebration of the art of the limerick. So, please, if you are so inspired, make my day. You can learn all about it here:

Oh yeah, and I love you.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I was here...

Hey Red Tara!

Tag you are it!