Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards

I just heard the news of her death. I am sad for her children. Instantly I thought of how angry I was at John Edwards. I used to adore him (in a purely political way) and then he proved to be all too human and I loathed him and judged him for his supreme lack of decency.

Only a couple of people know what goes on in a marriage.

Life beats the shit out of us all.

I am so sad for Elizabeth's daughters and son. No mama. That she had to survive the death of her own child and the loss of her husband to his own ego and a ridiculous tart seems too much.

Even for her estranged and unfaithful husband I feel grief.

Such a high price to pay.  Eventually we all have to pay it. As my obnoxious father says, "Life is a fatal sexually transmitted disease." For some of us life is a bargain. For others it costs so dearly. Most of us have the relative peace of obscurity in which to conduct our messy journeys and take our leave. Elizabeth had to buck up and move on with her life splayed before a world free to scrutinize her as if her days and losses were no more than  simple tidbits of juicy gossip. She kept her chin up - the southern belle with a spine of steel. That she did.

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